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Letters to the editors

Great Page

First i would like to congratulate you to this superb page. It's really interesting to read about your articles of Babangida, Top 5 leftbacksand the clashes between Barca and Real Madrid. Keep it up, amigo! Second, I'm colocolino, and I would like to say that Depor surely will be one of the top 5 teams in the league this year. OK, Schurrer isn't what he used to be and I totally agree with you that Depor has to manyforeigners, but with the likes of Djalminha, Ziani, Flavio and Pauleta,Super-Depor will rise again and fight like it used to. Thanks again for your brilliant page.(Please do an article surrounding Deportivo, perhaps something about all their foreigners?......) - "Colocolino"

Thanks, Deportivo fan. An article on the state of Deportivo La Coruņa is due in the near future! -Joaquin


World Cup Top 22

Hi, there this is the team I think is the best of the World Cup- the subs are below the names in capital letters:

BARTHEZ Taffarel, Chilavert; CAFU GAMARRA  FRANK DE BOER MALDINI (Thuram Desailly Cannavarro Lizarazu); ZIDANE RIVALDO DAVIDS OVERMARS (Michael Laudrup Ortega Dunga Cocu); SUKER MICHAEL OWEN (Vieri Bergkamp) - Waldemar Penna




Joaquin Bueno, Editor and Webmaster



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