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France 98


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French star Zinedine Zidane celebrates the first of his two goals in the final. His outstanding performance led France to their first ever World Cup title.





The underdog Croatian team won the hearts of many with their refusal to give up ground to the favored teams. Brave performances led to an unprecedented 3-0 defeat of Germany in the quarterfinals and a victory over the Netherlands to earn the 3rd place medals. All if this led to the best ever performance by debutants in the Cup.



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best3.jpg (10158 bytes) Holland came in strong and showed their tremendous talent in a first-round, 5-0 smashing of South Korea. In the second round, the tenacity of Edgar Davids prevailed in the dying minutes of injury time, with an outstanding goal against Yugoslavia. They won one of the most exciting games of the tournament against Argentina in the quarters, where they also waited to the last minute before Bergkamp scored the winner in extra time. Their good streak ran dry in the semis, where penalties left them behind and Brasil advanced.


Romania came to France expecting to finish second to England in their group. However, a last minute goal against the British placed them into first. Though they went out in the 2nd round, they provided the fans with a colorful team and exciting players. best4.jpg (9068 bytes)


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