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Key Players for Spain's Success

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RAŚL Gonzalez Blanco

Born: 27/06/77

Clubs: Atletico Madrid youth system, Real Madrid

Raśl, at only 20 years of age, has the eyes of the World turned towards him. He is one the most gifted and exciting players in the World Cup, and one of the finest that Spain has ever seen. At his age he holds tremendous promise for the future, and he isn’t even the youngest member of the squad. His playmaking and scoring skills are vital for Spain in this World Cup. Since his long-awaited addition to the team, the Spanish offense has been explosive and become one of the world’s best. Before this past season he was one of the large reasons that Real Madrid won the Spanish championship, becoming the top scorer for one of Europe’s best teams at that time. This season, despite the first slump of his young yet proufound career, Raśl helped lead Real Madrid in attaining the title of the best team in Europe by winning the European Cup for Real’s record 7th time. Raśl, since making his debut in the Spanish first division at age 17, has proved that he is a player capable of creating championships. Now in France he is to face the greatest test so far in his young career.




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Fernando HIERRO

Born: 23/03/68

Clubs: Malaga, Real Madrid

Hierro is the foundation for the entire national team. His name is Spanish for "steel", and his style of play and his determination surely match his surname. He is powerful and tall, an unavoidable rock of Gibraltar on the field for Spain. He plays between the midfield and the defense, a crucial area for recovering balls and thwarting attacks. When he is not on the field, his prescence is missed, both on the national level and on the club level for Real Madrid. It was his remarkable performance in the Champions' League final that shutdown Del Piero, Zidane, and the dangerous Juventus offense. Spain will surely be counting on his performance and impressive experience in the greatest of all competitions.



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Born: 08/05/70

Clubs: Sporting Gijon, Real Madrid, Barcelona

Luis Enrique exploded onto the European scene this year, and was voted the best Spanish player in Spain this season by the First division coaches. Once a Madrid defender, he moved to Barcelona, where he played as an attacking midfielder last season, but his goalscoring abilities were overshadowed by teamate Ronaldo. This year for Barcelona he has excelled, becoming a dangerous playmaker and goalscorer. He is among the leaders in this season's scoring charts, and has dazzled audiences with his amazing footwork and quick, skillful plays in midfield. He is a hard worker, who recovers many balls, and has a beautiful touch on tha ball and a very gracefull style of play. Many opposing coaches have said he appears to be hyperactive because of his nonstop efforts on the field. He scored 4 goals in qualifying and will be an essential part of the Spanish attack.