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Welcome to Futbol World August 14, 1998

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TEST your knowledge of football with a challenging crossword


The most important Football news



The past and the present

What is happening- to the world of football today? A profound examination of the current state of the beautiful game.

SERIE A predictions


Who will... be top scorer? win the league? be the revelation? be the flop? be the deception?

Read up in this Futbol World EXCLUSIVE

Also read our EXCLUSIVE Serie A PREVIEW

UPDATE- Argentine League- a full report with all the scores



What may change in 2002

HOT Rumor: Will FIFA change the World Cup format for 2002? Read the details in this exclusive...

European Previews




Spain- the best League preview on the Internet, team by team

The Lost Generation

An exclusive article on the"Lost Generation" of Portugese footballers


Chrisitan Dionosio

Christian- the hottest new Brazilian on the international market is profiled in this edition of Spotlight


Premier League

Footiemad: EVERYTHING you want on the British Premier League

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Futbol World is a site about football/soccer. Its mission is to provide soccer and football fans with a resource to learn about the game and its protagonists. Topics include European football, EuroCup (Euro 2000), Spain's La Liga, and others.

Charity Shield

Charity Shield- report



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