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Red Card


Edmundo leaps back into the rankings. This time, a red card was given to him in his 98-99 debut with Fiorentina.

Another goes to the referee in the Real Madrid-Valladolid match. The second yellow card given to Roberto Carlos was for a non-existent foul. Thanks to the blunder he must miss the next league game against Barcelona.


Once again, the polemic Luis Van Gaal return's to the loser's circle for this weekend's comments. This time, he once again worsened his public relations reputation by saying to the public "I am the victim" of the DeBoer- Barcelona struggle of early. He also added (in little improved "Sputch" [Spanish-Dutch mix spoken by Barcelona's Dutch contingent])- I quote- "I feel used". To top off his sparkling image, he has lost confidence in his right lateral Reizeger, who replaced Ferrer (why, only God knows). Now he seems to have no one to cover that spot, other than rookie Nigerian Okunowo, who has no experience in the top flight. Fortunately he anticipated that when he sold Ferrer (?). Better luck to his latest acquisition- Patrick Kluivert...


The second card is given to Luis Van Gaal. His comments follow the impotent Barcelona loss in the Super Cup of Spain. He was angry at the media- and said in a press conference: "I have said it many times- I need new signings. I need a left central defender and a right wing." Easy to blame the upper management for a loss- especially in lieu of the Dutch invasion.


This Red Card goes to a man who helps keep this type of section alive- F.C. Barcelona President Josep Nuņez. This week he commented on the Real Madrid record 7th European Cup, saying: "The last European Cup had no value. There were only 2 teams, and that is not the European Cup." No comments on his team's humiliating elimination from that same tournament of "only 2 teams" (none of which were in Barcelona's group).


This Red Card goes to a real Animal... Brasilian striker Edmundo. Why? Comments that he made about Nike, saying that they forced Ronaldo to play in the World Cup final. Seems to most people that the "Animal", as they call him in Brasil, is mad because he was not given the opportunity to start by Mario "Lobo" Zagallo, ex-coach of Brasil. Let's also consider his recent abandonment of Italian club Fiorentina. The bad-tempered Edmuno has vowed never to return to his Italian club, despite the fact that he is still under contract. Indeed it seems that this is one wild animal that no one can therefore he deservingly earns the Futbol World Red Card.



1. Luis Van Gaal (2)

2. Edmundo (2)Nuņez (1)

3. Nuņez (1)