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Yossi Benayon


YOSSI Benayon

Yossi Benayon


International- U-21 Israel

Club- Maccabi Haifa


By: Ariel Givony

Yossy Benayon

is one of Israel's biggest potential star players for the future . He was born Yossy

in 1980 and is now 18 years old . He is not on the National team yet but the

Coach of Israel (Shlomo Sharf ) says that he is watching him and he is

very impressed , instead Benayon is in the  Israel U-21 team. Benayon plays

For F.C Maccabi Haifa. He was in the past in Ajax's great youth team where

He played at age 16, though he returned a year after because he missed

His friends and family. Later that year he signed for Hapoel Bear Sheva

of the Israeli League. He was brilliant the whole season , he

carried the whole team on his back , he scored 17 goals and came just 1 goal

within the top scorer (Alon Mizrahi , F.C Maccabi Haifa). Unfortunately  his 17 goals

didn't help Hapoel Bear Sheva for they were relegated . They finished in 15th

place out of 16 . Their last game was an unbelievable game. It was a game

vs. Maccabi Haifa-at the same time that the other team who could also be relegated

(Bnei Yehuda) were also playing a important game. It was the 90th

minute- the score was Hapoel Bear Sheva 0, Maccabi Haifa 0 ; while in the

other game (Bnei Yehuda - Irony Rishon Le Zion) the score was 1-1 . Yossy

Benayon, with a wonderful run was tripped in the box, and the ref does noy

hesitate- he calls a  penalty !! In the 90th minute, this could mean relegation or

continuation, the whole team was counting on little Yossy to score. He runs, kicks,

and scores ! its 1-0 . Yossy  ran to the crowds but he noticed that  the

crowd wasn't happy.  He asked himself "why, I just scored a goal"- then he

hears that Bnei Yehuda have also scored in the 90th minute and because

of 1 point more that Bnei Yehuda had even before the game Hapoel Bear Sheva

goes down to the 2nd league. Yossy broke down crying, while the whole team

couldn’t believe it. One month later Yossy is looking for a new team. After

half of the teams offer, finally Yossy decided on a team. He decided to

transfer to Maccabi Haifa for $2 (US) million. Now that Yossy

is in a big team the whole country isn't worried . Yossy will play with

one of Israel's best strikers Alon Mizrahi- maybe some of you have heard

that he almost transferred to West Ham to play with his fellow friend from

the National team Eyal Berkovic . Benayon is now waiting for his next game

Glantoran. with his team Maccabi Haifa in the "Cup Winners Cup"... A great

future is certain right now for this great young player...

Ariel Givony

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Yossy for Maccabai