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Christian -Name: Christian Corrŕa Dionisio Posišao
-Born: Porto Alegre (RS) Brasil,  23/04/75
-Height: 1.86m
-Weight: 79Kg
-Teams: Internacional Porto Alegre (BRA), 1996-now, 1989-1992; Farense (POR) 1994-1996; Maritmo (POR) 1992-1993; Estoril (POR) 1993
- Championships: Ga˙cho (1997)

-Position: Forward/Attack

by Alexandre De Genaro

Christian is a complete player, skillful in all the fundamentals: shooting, dribbling, heading, creating plays. He stands out particularly for his great speed, tall height, and skill with the ball at his feet. He is a player that plays best up front, searching for plays, and serving to help the team with defensive chores. He is certainly one of the best forwards in the history of his club, Sport Club Internacional of Porto Alegre. He has been acclaimed by the local press as being "The God of the River", "Furacao Negro", "Furacao Colorado", in addition to other nicknames that are common to other great stars, for example "Matador"- "Killer". Amongst all this praise, Christian is a man that retains his humilities.

True to his nicknames, Christian is a true killer when he is in the penalty area, and as a playmaker with the ball at his feet, creating plays and opportunites with solidarity and notable efficiency. Christian was the second leading scorer in the 1997 Brasilian Championship. This season will be more difficult for him to produce- he will suffer from not having another good forward at his side, as his striker partner from last season's success, Fabiano, is currently injured, and with small chances of returning to action any time soon.

This year, he has become hot on the market, and his club Internacionale has received offers of up to 10 million. The club has tried to keep him in the squad, trying to prevent another great forward from leaving Brasil. It is clear that the player will have a great value to his team in the Brasilian championship of this season, but it also depends on the performance of the entire team.

Internationally, Christian's career has yet to blossom, but shows promise. He had a brief taste of international football with Brasil in 1997, when he was a sub for Ronaldinho- then the best player in the world. He played few minutes in a friendly, where he was much a danger to the opponents' goal, creating 2 very close chances. Since then he has grown and matured much as a player. Now, he is actually considered by many to be the best forward in the Brasilian leagues. The press has dubbed him other notable comparisons, being acclaimed as the "Whea of the Pampas", in a clear reference to A.C. Milan's Liberian striker George Whea. Not only are their performances similar in skill, but the players also bear a physical resemblance.

A few years back in his previous stint with Internacionale, the younger Chrsitian fell out of favor with the team, and was "exiled", or "burned", when he was sold to lowly Portugese club Estoril. There, the "Black God" suffered much, and even was pressured into marrying a Portugese that he hardly knew in order to become naturalized. This was due to the fact that his club had too many foreigners, and did not want to lose any of them. During his time in Portugal, Christian played well and Internacionale found themselves wanting his services. The departure of striker Leandro from the club, and their need for a tall striker opened the doors for Christian to return to his home. His return was filled with great hope. In addition, he won the favor of the coaches, executives and fans of the club with his joyful, efficient, and objective football.

Now he remains at home with the team of his origin. Following last year's great season, Christian has attracted the attention of many a European club. They include Rangers (SCO), Napoli (ITA), Oviedo (SPA), and most notably Roma (ITA) and Celta (SPA).



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by Alexandre De Genaro