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Spain Analyzed

Key Players

Ideal formations

Formation 1- 4-2-3-1

Formation 2- 4-4-2

Formation 1

Formation 2

This is the ideal formation when all players are healthy.

Defense:  The number 1 spot is occupied by the captain Andoni Zubizaretta. His first choice as backup is Santiago Cañizares, and third is José Molina. The ideal defensive line is: 2. Aguilera (Ferrer) , 3. Nadal, 4. Alkorta, 5. Sergi. In this case, Sergi is an important part of the attack, as he is fast and skillful in moving forward on the left flank. His replacement would be Aranzábal, another natural left back. Nadal and Alkorta are key in the central defense as stoppers. Hierro is also capable of playing in the central position, where he normally plays for Real Madrid. Abelardo is capable of playing as the right back or as a stopper in place of Alkorta or on the right for Aguilera or Ferrer. Ivan Campo serves as a substitute to the central defense but can play right back as well. Aguilera is a likely starter in place of  Ferrer, as he posses great speed up the right flank and had an outstanding performance in France.

Midfield: Position 6 was the position of Guardiola. Now in his absence, Albert Celades is likely to fill the spot. Amor is also capable of playing that position. It is the playmaker role that feeds to the attacking midfielders or the forwards. In position 7 Hierro normally plays for the nation team. It is the crucial pivot between defense and midfield, and Hierro’s solid play is an integral part of the formation. The main job is to recover the balls and prevent attacks, and also to fall back and cover for position 6.

Attacking Midfield: This is the most explosive part of the offense. The ideal positions are: 8. Luis Enrique, 9. Kiko, 10. Raúl. These roles are all very offensive. Luis Enrique does an excellent job recovering balls in his area, as he was once a defender. He is capable of great speed and skill moves and either scoring or assisting. He creates any individual plays. The substitute for that position would likely be Exteberria, a hard working attacker. Kiko serves mostly as a playmaker, supporting the striker and other attackers, but he is deadly in the box as well. Raúl is very skilled and makes many individual runs forward towards the goal. He gives assists to the striker and also tends to play up like a forward at times. He is a lethal goalscorer as well as a creative and sneaky passer. Julen Guerrero can also play the position, being left footed. He is a good scorer and a gifted playmaker who can also play for Kiko.

Striker: This position can easily go to either Alfonso or Morientes. Both can play like true strikers, yet Alfonso has more of a tendency to drop back. Morientes may be ideal in this spot, as he is a natural goalscorer and less of a playmaker. Pizzi is the third sub for this spot, and has little chance of starting. Many speculate that he will no longer play for the team because of Morientes' expolosion onto the scene.

Clemente may opt to use this formation,as he did in some friendlies.

Defense: same as formation 1. In this formation, the right wing and left wing defenders are more capable of attacking. Sergi possesses a good outside shot and Ferrer has a tendency to come far forward and make passes to the attackers. Sergi is the best and speediest attacking defender. Aguilera may be a likely starter in this position (2) for his great speed and attacking capabilities. The WC allowed him to take over for Ferrer.

Midfield: Position 6 would be occupied by either Amor or Celades. Celades is more of a playmaker and is more dangerous coming forward. Again Hierro is at the 7 spot to recover balls and seal the midfield. The 8 spot is natural for Luis Enrique, but Exteberia is capable of filling the spot, as is Amor. The left midfielder on the 9 spot would be either Guerrero or Raúl. Clemente may be likely to put Guerrero in the spot when using this formation, as Raúl is more of an attacking forward.

Forwards: Morientes and Alfonso may be the natural choices as forwards, with their impressive performance against Northern Ireland proving that they are compatible. Alfonso would fill the 11 spot, as he likes to play behind the other forward. Morientes is a true striker and will be a key as a goalscorer. Raúl is also a possibility for the 11 spot, and Pizzi is a good match for the 10 spot.