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Futbol World's TOP 5 Left Backs


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Roberto Carlos


Since moving to Real Madrid from relative obscurity at Inter Milan, the young Brasilian has exploded onto the international scene. He is the fastest and perhaps best tackling left back in Europe today. Often his excellent offensive attacking skills overshadow his outstanding defense. He is known for his great determination and possibly the most powerful shot in the world, always with his golden left foot. His skills were key parts of the European Champion Real Madrid team and the Brasilian finalists in France 98. He is very well remembered for his most famous goal- an amazing, jaw-dropping shot with remarkable curve in a friendly tournament, ironically against France in 1997.


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Paolo Maldini



Paolo Maldini is, to put it simply, a living, playing legend. He is the classic Italian defender, tough, dtermined, excellent on the mark, and inspirational. His leadership and outstanding performance have been crucial to both A.C. Milan and the Azzurri, the Italian national team. With all the great defenders in Italy, Maldini has been undisputed in his position. He can play as a central defender with equal ease, as he is not limited to only his left foot. He does not attack as much as many left backs, but when he does, his passing is excellent and distribution shows sheer genious.


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Bixente Lizarazu



Lizarazu fulfilled the great dreams of every player in his native France, winning the World Cup as a key and influential member of the squad. He was outstanding in the tournament, and despite his small size he totally dominated the left side of the French defensive machine. Great as a man-marker, and excellent speed on the wing. His speed is a great factor in the quick French counter attacks. The strongly left footed Frenchman of Spanish Basque origin plays for Bayern Munich, and formerly wore the illustriously selective jersey of the all-Spanish Basque Athletic Bilbao.


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Sergi Barjuan



Sergi is a Catalunyan who has been always in the team of Barcelona in Spain. His excellent defense has kept him a regular on the prestigious Barcelona team sheet through many years that have been ofter turbulent for the club. He is known for his impressive speed, and his tackling makes him almost unstoppable on his flank. His offensive skills are desirable as well, showing surprising form in scoring long-distance goals over the years. He is exceptional in the passing game, especially in the Spanish squad for Javier Clemente. He is left fotted but has shown himself to be almost equally adept with the right. He is a classic attacking left back.


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Robert Jarni



Robert Jarni finally got to show the world his greatness in the World Cup, when his goal in the historical quarterfinal against Germany propelled Croatia to an eventual 3-0 victory. He has been thrilling the audience of Real Betis of Spain before the Cup, showing the same attacking skills and speed he demonstrated in France 98. His attributes are his speed, strong shot, and tireless work down the flank. Perhaps his only fault is his sheer reliance on the left foot.


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