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Futbol World's TOP 5 Foreigners in the Serie A


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Zinedine ZIDANE


"ZIZOU" saved his best for the biggest tournament in the World, becoming a national heroe as he led France to a dream final. His outstanding play scored the 2 key goals that put France in the lead. Italian fans, especially Juventus fans, were not surprised, as they know the great talents of this Algerian- descended midfield genius. His same skills have led Juventus to consecutive Scudettos in the prestigous Serie A. Without him as a leader of the Juventus attack, there would have been no Champion's league, no Scudetto. Zidane confirmed this summer, why he is Futbol World's pick as the number one foreign player in the Serie A.


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Any top 5 list of the best players would never be complete without Ronaldinho. Many saw his lack of goals in the World Cup final as a failiure, yet the true admirers and aficionados saw a tired, worn out 2-time player of the year. Ronaldo, even with the infamously tough Italian defenses, has found ways to score goals for Inter Milan. He is still il Fenomeno to the Inter fans, who know that he is the most dangerous goalscorer in the game. In Italy, he is certainly the most marked man by the Serie A defenses, yet his great speed, tremendous acceleration, deadly precise shot, and his opportunism have continued to serve him well.


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In the 1997-1998 season for Parma, Lilian Thuram was the Serie A's best defender. In the summer of 1998, he was perhaps the world's best defender. Thuram showed us in France, and in the calcio that he is an impressive athlete, able to do everything required of a defender and so much more. He is versatile, powerful, a strong tackler, a consistent stealer of passes, and an almost unsurpassable man-marker. Thuram's future in the Serie A may be numbered- that is only if a big foreign club decides to make an investment in an unparalelled defender.


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Batistuta became Argentina's all-time leading goalscorer in history during the World Cup. At the same time, his goalscoring in the Serie A for Fiorentina is making him a living legend. Batigol is the type that will receive a good pass and seemingly always put it where it counts- in the back of the net. Batistuta is deadly as a goalscorer, whose great experience and sense for goals makes him one of the top players in the Serie A and the World. Expect Fiorentina to continue fighting off offers for this top-class player.


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Edgar Davids, the "Pit Bull", lives up to his nickname on the field with an impressive consistency. He is extremely tenacious. He never gives up on the ball, and uses his size and powerful stocky build to his advantage. He is the central recoverer for Juventus, his play in the midfield allows the rest of the team to play with rythym and fluency. Edgar posses excellent touch and a powerfully frightening shot. He could play anywhere he wanted to, Davids is a star wherever he plays.



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