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Profiles of some of the future's top stars

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DENISLON de Oliveira

20, Brasil, Real Betis (Spain)

Denilson, a single name that is readily associated with impressive skills, speed, and determination. In France he was a luxurious sub to Bebeto. In the moments that he was on the field, he dazzled the world with his tremendous ball handling. A young boy of 20 sent veteran footballers into states of panic with moves that seemed to come as naturally as the samba for the Brasilian. A treat to watch, he is the perfect complement to il jogo bonito, and is hailed by many to be next great Brasilian superstar. His signing by Real Betis of Spain broke many records, notably with the amazing $433 million transfer fee placed on him by the Sevillan club.



Michael OWEN

18, England, Liverpool


Michael Owen was 10 years old the last time England was in the World Cup before France 1998. This summer, at the age when most players dream of the lower divisions of the big teams, Michael made a gigantic explosion wearing the colors of his national team. He scored two goals, in particular a spectacular strike against Argentina that demonstrated his speed and explosiveness. Offers poured in from Italian and Premier League teams, but wisely Liverpool held on to the future of Britain's football.


RAŚL Gonzalez Blanco

21, Spain, Real Madrid

Raśl, Raśl, Raśl. What is there left to be said about him. At the age of 17 this star made his debut with the greatest team of all time, the white shirst of Real Madrid. So succesful was he in his first 2 seasons that the European press nicknamed the team "Raśl Madrid" after the forward who excited audiences. It seems, after a disappointing World Cup, that people with high expectations forgot 2 things. First, they forgot that Raśl is human. Secondly, they forgot that he has such a long way to go. Perhaps one is deceived in that sense by his remarkably mature style of play. They forget that he has 2 or maybe even 3 more WC's ahead of him. It is truly thrilling to imagine what the future holds for this star that has seems to have already acheived the prestigious status of a Real Madrid legend. Raśl



21, Brasil, Inter Milan

ronaldo_y.jpg (5934 bytes) Like in the case of Raśl, Ronaldo is really a present day star. Also, people tend to forget that his future is still wide open. He has been voted player of the year twice now, but is the best yet to come? Unfortunately, his huge prescence makes people think about now, and place enormous amounts of pressure on his shoulders. He gets pressure for the Scudetto, the world title, the world's best player, and so on. That may then be the burden of his possesions. He has the speed of a sprinter that can expolde out of nowhere, even after 90 minutes. He has moves that leave average defenders flat-footed. He has a natural ability to make everything he touches into a goal, hence the nickname "King Midas" that he was given by the Barcelona press when in Spain (everything touches is gold, or goal). Ronaldo may be the great legend of the future, maybe the next Pele or Maradona, but surely history in the making.



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